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"Новая...карта? Magma Chamber!"
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"Sona пораждает звуки Лиги!"

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  • ...that Alt + Right-click is used to command pets, like ShacoSquare Shaco's illusion, MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser's stolen soul, or AnnieSquare Annie's Tibbers?
  • ...that AmumuSquare Amumu's Шаблон:Ai ability is a reference to the famous Marvel superhero Spider-Man?
  • ...that ZileanSquare Zilean's background is very similar to the Doctor's story from Doctor Who?
  • ...that Nashor is an anagram of Roshan, and when Nashor is spoke backwards, vocally it says Roshan; which is the biggest natural creep in League of Legends predecessor, DotA?
  • ...that between every season there is a 3 week of pre-season to bump up, prepare and try other champions?
  • ...that TryndamereSquare Tryndamere is the nickname of Mark Merrill, the CEO of Riot?
  • ...that you can click F1 - F5 after choosing a friendly target-spell to choose a target?
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